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I need feminism because “Who hired a stripper” shouldn’t be the first thing said to me when I walk into a welding job.

women in trades are treated like absolute shit. 


men say this to women holding blowtorches, hammers, knife rolls full of stabby, etc. because they can’t conceive of these women being serious. as far as they’re concerned that blow torch might as well be barbie pink plastic because it doesn’t occur to them that a woman is capable. 

Go, girl.

Let us stop being afraid. Of our own thoughts, our own minds. Of madness, our own or others’. Stop being afraid of the mind itself, its astonishing functions and fandangos, its complications and simplifications, the wonderful operation of its machinery—more wonderful because it is not machinery at all or predicable. As ingenious and surprising and uncertain of result as the first stroke of a painting, as various in possibility. As full of ornament and invention as the spire of the Sainte Chapell outside my window. A really crazy steeple full of frills, and balls, and cuckoos.

—Kate Millett, The Looney Bin Trip

DAMN IT NEIL, THE NAME IS NUWANDA: Dear Feminists, You're Doing It Right



You get so tired. You get so sick of the homophobia, the sexism, the culture of rape jokes and wife beating cartoons. But today you can take 30 seconds and smile. Somewhere right now there is a daddy dancing along while his femmy boy sings…


“The Dinner Debate”: Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros on how feminists don’t get laid.

This is petty, ill-informed, etc. etc., though unsurprisingly so.

Side note: anyone who defines feminists as women burning their bras is already not worth listening to, because they haven’t done their research.

Andrea, sweetheart, I get laid all the time. You’re welcome to come watch. You could probably learn a few things.


I’m sure you know that this year at the VMA’s, in front of 12 million viewers, MTV once again showed their support for the abusive Chris Brown. This time they dressed him in all white and suspended him above the crowd with wires. Meanwhile, they gave Tyler, the Creator the Best New Artists award. That same night he tweeted: “VICTORIA JUSTICE IS GOING TO TAKE THIS DICK. or get socked in her fucking mouth.” He since deleted the tweet. This is the same guy who used the word “faggot” over 213 times in his first album.
MTV has a responsibility to their viewers to support artists who support women, not artists who think it’s okay to beat them — or talk about beating them. They should not use their influence to help misogynistic or homophobic artists pass on their message. 

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Seriously, fuck them both and fuck MTV.

(Source: acontinentaldrifter)

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